Baroque Classics


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Music for Organ and Trumpet
Alan Spedding (Organ), Crispian Steele-Perkins (Trumpet)

Baroque Classics Alan Spedding and Crispian Steele-Perkins have enjoyed performing together for several years and decided to record those items from their repertoire which have given them and their audiences particular pleasure. The majority of these works are not familiar to a wide public since they are arrangements which demonstrate different facets of trumpet playing, and various instrumental curiosities from his collection whose repertoire has had to be re-created or re-invented.

1 Prelude to Te Deum M. A. Charpentier
2 Musica Bellicosa : 1st mvt : Sinfonia G. F. Handel
3 Musica Bellicosa : 2nd mvt : Lentement G. F. Handel
4 Musica Bellicosa : 3rd mvt : Alla marcia G. F. Handel
5 Sonata No 1 in B flat : 1st mvt : Allegretto W. A. Mozart
6 Sonata No 1 in B flat : 2nd mvt: Grave W. A. Mozart
7 Sonata No 1 in B flat : 3rd mvt : Tempo di minuet W. A. Mozart
8 Trumpet Sonata in D : 1st mvt : Moderato (2.13) John James
9 Trumpet Sonata in D : 2nd mvt : Andante John James
10 Trumpet Sonata in D : 3rd mvt : Allegro John James
11 Organ Voluntary in G minor John Stanley
12 Trumpet Sonata No 2 in D : 1st mvt : Lento John James
13 Trumpet Sonata No 2 in D : 2nd mvt : Vivace John James
14 Trumpet Sonata No 2 in D : 3rd mvt : Adagio John James
15 Trumpet Sonata No 2 in D : 4th mvt : Allegro Marziale John James
16 Trumpet Concerto : 1st mvt : Adagio Leopald Mozart
17 Trumpet Concerto : 2nd mvt : Allegro Leopald Mozart
18 Sonata in B flat : 1st mvt : Andante J. B. Loeillet
19 Sonata in B flat : 2nd mvt : Allegro J. B. Loeillet
20 Trumpet Sonata : 1st mvt : Allegretto A. Stradella
21 Trumpet Sonata : 2nd mvt : Aria A. Stradella
22 Trumpet Sonata : 3rd mvt :Gigue A. Stradella
23 Chorale Prelude ‘Wachet auf’ J. S. Bach
24 Final Chorale from ‘Christmas Oratorio’ J. S. Bach