Caneuon Cymru – Welsh songs, hymns, and anthems.


Compact disc

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National Youth Choir of Wales

The Welsh choral tradition has been one of the most positive manifestations of Welsh musical culture for more than one and a half centuries. From humble beginnings in both rural and industrial communities, choral music in Wales has been sustained by a rich mix of amateur and professional involvement.
This recording refers not only to this tradition, but to its more recent history. It includes music by Welsh composers in carefully-selected genres: hymn-tunes, arrangements of folk-tunes, part-songs, and anthems.

Track Title Composer
1 Tair o Alawon Gwerin (Three Welsh folk songs): 1. Migldi, magldi (Nonsense verse) Mervyn Burtch
2 2. Cysga di, fy mhlentyn tlws (Sleep, my gentle child) Mervyn Burtch
3 Wrth fynd hefo Deio i Dywyn (As I went to Towyn) Mervyn Burtch
4 Tre-saith (What do you see in Tre-saith?) Dilys Elwyn Edwards
5 Daffodils (Cennin aur) Mansel Thomas
6 Cân y melinydd (The miller’s song) Llifon Hughes Jones
7 Lisa lân (Fair Lisa) Alun Hoddinott
8 Cân serch (A love song) Mansel Thomas
9 Rhosyn Duw (Rose of God) Grace Williams
10 Yr aderyn (The sparrow) Brian Hughes
11 Pedair Cân Werin (Four Welsh folk songs): 1. Y gelynnen (The holly) William Mathias
12 2. Robin ddiog (Lazy Robin) William Mathias
13 3. Hobed o hilion (Remembrance of home) William Mathias
14 4. Dadl dau (The sleepy wife) William Mathias
15 Hymn: Tydi a rhoddaist Arwel Hughes
16 Hymn: Bryn Calfaria William Owen
17 Holy, holy, holy Alun Hoddinott
18 King of glory Alun Hoddinott
19 Hymn: Aberystwyth Joseph Parry
20 Hymn: Cwm Rhondda John Hughes
21 Ave verum corpus William Mathias
22 I will celebrate William Mathias
23 Justorum animæ (The souls of the righteous) Geraint Lewis