Music from Renaissance Portugal II


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Mass for the 16th Sunday after Pentecost, in Lisbon Cathedral.

Cambridge Taverner Choir

This recording contributes to the tremendously exciting task of bringing back to light the riches of Portuguese musical culture in the 16th and 17th centuries, and is a companion to the Cambridge Taverner’s Choir’s first disc (Herald HAVP155). It does not attempt to ‘reconstruct’ a particular occasion in a particular place. It does, however, try to give some sense of the way polyphony was combined with organ music and with chant within liturgical performance.

Track Title Composer
1 Organ: Tiento y discurso de segundo tono Francisco Correa de Araujo
2 Processional responsory: Duo Seraphim ed. Duarte Lobo
3 Asperges me Duarte Lobo
4 Introit motet: Miserere mei Domine Pedro de Cristo
5 Kyrie (Missa Cantate Domino) Duarte Lobo
6 Gloria (Missa Cantate Domino) Duarte Lobo
7 Gradual (organ): Consonâncias de primeiro tom Pedro de Araujo
8 Alleluia: Cantate Domino anonymous
9 Credo (Missa Cantate Domino) Duarte Lobo
10 Offertory motet: O bone Jesu Pero de Gamboa
11 Sanctus (Missa Cantate Domino) Duarte Lobo
12 Elevation (organ): Quarto Kyrie do terceiro tom Manuel Rodrigues Coelho
13 Benedictus (Missa Cantate Domino) Duarte Lobo
14 Agnus Dei (Missa Cantate Domino) Duarte Lobo
15 Communion chant: Domine memorabur anonymous
16 Motet at the end of Mass: Estote fortes in bello Pero de Gamboa
17 Organ: Tiento III Primo tono Antonio de Cabezon
18 Memento mei Deus (from Matins of the Dead) Duarte Lobo
19 Hei mihi Domine (from Matins of the Dead) Pedro de Cristo
20 Organ: Obra de primeiro tom sobre a Salve Regina Pedro de Araujo
21 Salve regina Duarte Lobo
22 Egressus Jesus Pero de Gamboa
23 Verbum caro Duarte Lobo