Stations of the Cross for the Persecuted Church


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Monks of Quarr Abbey, Fr Jerome Bertram of the Oxford Oratory

There has never been a time when the Church has not been persecuted, nor ever shall be, but in our time the persecution rages with a savagery not often known, unpredictable where and whom it strikes. These meditations were composed to reflect on the circumstances of this present outbreak, though not so specific that they cannot be prayed for the suffering Church wherever and whenever the martyrs lie.

1 Vexilla Regis
2 First station: Jesus takes up His Cross
3 Second Station: Jesus takes up His Cross
4 Crucem tuum
5 Third Station: Jesus falls the First Time
6 Fourth Station: Jesus meets His Blessed Mother
7 Popule meus
8 Fifth Station: Simon of Syrene helps carry the Cross
9 Sixth Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
10 Posuerunt super caput
11 Seventh Station: Jesus falls the second time Station
12 Eighth Station: Jesus meets the Women of Jerusalem
13 Omnes amici
14 Ninth Station: Jesus falls the Third Time
15 Tenth Station: Jesus is stripped of His garments
16 Christsu factus est
17 Eleventh Station: Jesus is nailed to the Cross
18 Twelfth Station: Jesus dies upon the Cross
19 Tenebrae factae sunt
20 Thirteenth Station: Jesus is taken down from the cross
21 Fourteenth Station: Jesus is laid in the Tomb
22 Salve Festa dies / Easter Bells