Stephen Watson: O Captain! My Captain! and other works


Compact Disc

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London Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Esterházy Chamber Choir
Jeremy Huw Williams (baritone)

The music reflects both the intense involvement of the sea in human affairs and its omnipotent indifference to human fortunes; the anguish of loss; the symbolism of innocence; and the consummatory release from the cares of life.

Stephen Watson was born in Chester in 1955, and began his musical training at 13 years old with violin lessons. Later, lessons in composition were coupled with considerable experience as an orchestral violinist as well as singing with and conducting choral societies in the north of England. It is not surprising, therefore, that his compositions reflect his passion for large-scale choral and orchestral sounds.

Tracks 1 – 8 O Captain! my Captain!
Track 9 Autumn Boughs For string orchestra
Track 10 Symphonic Study For symphony orchestra