The Dedication of the Temple


Compact Disc

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Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge, director: Jeremy White

The Temple Church, fleet Street, london was  built around 1160 and consecrated by the Patriarch of Jerusalam in 1185, has been in the joint care of the Inner and Middle Temples, two of the four legal Inns of Court, for 400 years. It was originally built by the English Knights Templar, to replicate their round mother church on the site of Christ’s Resurrection in Jerusalem.

1 Crucifigat omnes
2 Processional: Jerusalem mirabilis, urbs beatior aliis
3 Laetare mater nostra Jerusalem/Laetatus sum
4 Hymnus: Urbs beata Jerusalem
5 Domine labia mea aperies/Deus in adjutorium
6 Filiae Syon currite/Venite exsultemus Domino
7 Hymnus: Angularis fundamentum
8 Antiphona I: Tollite portas/Domini est terra
9 Absolutio/Lectio I
10 Responsorium I: In dedicatione templi
11 Antiphona V: Vidit Jacob scalam/Fundamenta eius
12 Absolutio/Lectio V
13 Responsorium V:Lapides pretiosi
14 Antiphona VII: Templum Domini/Cantate Domino
15 Absolutio/Lectio VII
16 Responsorium VII: Sanctificavit Dominus
17 Responsorium X: Terribilis est locus iste
18 Te Deum laudamus
19 Urbs beata Jerusalem (In dedicatione Ecclesiae) Dufay
20 Alleluia et Sequentia