We Are Muffy “The Charcoal Pool”



1 Civil Service
2 Precious Things
3 Outskirts
4 Frosted Candy
5 Milk Bar
6 The Charcoal Pool
7 Jacobean Reggae
8 Unsuitable Footwear
9 The Map And The Light
10 Black Attracts Heat
11 Strange Admixture
12 Coloured Pencils
13 The Lost Carpenter

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From somewhere wild and strange in Cornwall come the idiosyncratic acoustic sounds of We Are Muffy, the happy alliance of Nick Duffy (The Lilac Time, Bait) and Angeline Morrison (The Mighty Sceptres, The Ambassadors of Sorrow). With influences including the Incredible String Band, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Sam Cooke, Max Romeo and Shirley & Dolly Collins weaving through their music, We Are Muffy spin poetic narratives of remembered and imagined pasts. Their distinctive strain of folk music combines vocal harmonies with unexpected instrumentation (lyre, music box, cutlery, bottle tops, broken china), in amongst the expected (autoharp, banjo, double bass).